Saturday, November 26, 2011

month one...

It's hard to believe that a month has passed since this little girl came to us.  She is such a delight. I admit some apprehension when I thought of life with three kids...nights of broken sleep...diapers...fussy times. And it's true; it has been an adjustment. It takes a whole lot longer to get out the door with our little party of five. There are moments when it feels overwhelming. But, it is predominantly good. The times of feeling blessed and thankful far outweigh the crazy times. There is something very precious and uncomparable to a newborn. I think it is multiplied even more because I know she is my last. I find myself getting excited as we are on the brink of receiving her first real smiles, but at the same time, I almost want to freeze her where she's at. Impossible....I know...but at least I'll have memories....and pictures, of course.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

josh + justine {minter gardens engagement photography}

I met Josh + Justine at Starbucks a few months back for our initial consultation. Josh was quiet and smiley and Justine was a sweet, organized, bride to be. After several years of dating, they are planning their big day next spring. Justine has several great visions for her wedding day, locations and photos. I am so honored when brides have a strong sense of what they hope for and trust me to jump in and let me do my thing.
The couple chose to have their engagement session taken at Minter Gardens. Initially a possible location for their wedding day, but when they decided to take a different direction, the gardens became an obvious choice for these photos. We were blessed with a calm, overcast, perfect fall day.
Josh + Justine ~ I had so much fun with you guys and am so excited to shoot your wedding! I even forgive you for laughing at me (apparently when your 9 months pregnant photographer rolls on the ground to get a shot, it's kind of funny).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sweeter by the day...

this little girl truly grows sweeter by the day. I have more photos to share of her first few weeks, and an engagement session to post tomorrow, but I couldn't keep this picture to myself. 16 days old and oh so lovely.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

mike + sheri {abbotsford family photography}

This session was a fun one for me. Steve and the kids dropped me off at Mike and Sheri's beautiful property, and the first thing they did was invite my girls in to see their brand new puppies! These little guys were so could I not include them in some photos?
We spent our time walking around favourite spots in their yard, and I happily tagged along and did my best to capture this family at this season in their life. Having four kids on board for an hour of photos is a tall order for any parent, but these kids were troopers. We took breaks to cuddle puppies, catch caterpillars and even attempted to net some frogs!
Mike + Sheri ~ you have a beautiful family! I enjoyed getting to spend an evening with you and your kiddos...and all their creatures :)

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