Thursday, April 9, 2020

.halle turns thirteen.

We marked this rite of passage for you in the strangest of days. The strangeness, though, is also saturated in moments and experiences that are extraordinarily precious. The day you turned thirteen, almost two dozen vehicles (along with one cyclist and some dears on foot) full of our friends and family drove past our front curb to show you just how loved you are. You had no clue this was happening, and when we asked you to join us in the front yard for a birthday lunch around the portable gas fire, you gave us a perfectly stereotypical eye roll. But, as your people rolled up with handmade signs, instrument accompanied songs, fresh bread, honking horns, special gifts, balloons and yummy treats - you lit up. I know you knew this was special. This was extraordinary. 
No, this was not what we had in mind. This was not the events you chose for such a paramount birthday. But my Hals, as your mom, I can't fathom a better gift. For you to see your people, despite a global pandemic, driving from all corners of the city, just for you.To see how we are blessed by such incredible neighbors, family, friends and a church being exactly what a church is meant to be. 

Now, to wrap my mind around the fact that my teeny, six pound baby girl is a teenager. I may be biased, but I think you're going to be great one. I love my time with you. Having the whole family home all the time has been a bit of a hard pill for you to swallow. Last week we both had a good cry over the sudden end to our first year homeschooling. Those were precious months. Your sisters have now joined us, and it is good, but it is different. Our alone times are fewer and we are navigating the dynamics that inevitably come with multiple learners in the home. I was reminded, as we talked, of a memory. I was driving our old car, back in 2009. It was the day before Maya was born, and I had a realization that just brought me to tears. We were so excited to meet your sister, but my heart needed to weep over the end of a chapter that would never come again. Obviously, we wouldn't choose to go back in time, and life only got better with your sisters' arrivals. (I will repeat this until it's stuck in your head!!!)
I am confident that the same truth will ring true in all this. That amidst the things that have changed and the losses we have grieved, we will come out of this thankful for what it has brought us. In all things He works for our good. You know this already, and this will be further evidence. 

Halle Ruth - you are a beautiful soul. You have your Dad's critical thinking skills and inquisitive mind. You have a mushy tender heart like mine. You are giving, loving, persistent, sweet (with a solid balance of sass) and actually very funny and quirky. You are a phenomenal big sister. You are so beautiful and I am SOOOOOO proud of the little woman that is emerging before my eyes. I can't even believe it. I love you and thank God I get to be your mom.

And, don't worry my girl, I'll still take you shopping when this is all done.  

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