Tuesday, January 25, 2011

victoria {children + animal}

This beautiful young lady is Victoria. She is 9 years old and LOVES horses...a lot. I had the pleasure of joining her at the Vanderkooi Friesian farm last weekend to take some photos of her doing what she loves. The horse in these photos is a beauty named, Ieme. I have to give huge props to this animal and her trainer, Meshell who were so great at helping us get just the right shots.
Victoria rode Ieme like a champ and absolutely beamed whenever she was near the horse. It's so neat to see such nurturing given from such a young person. After we tired the poor pony out (don't worry, it was rewarded with an apple and treats), Victoria and I walked around the property and let her try her hand at modelling. I think she prefers to be with the horse - but she was awesome at both :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

miykah {newborn}

Meet Miykah...isn't he beautiful? He is the second of three newborn shoots I have this month, (what exactly was going on 9 months ago?) and I am enjoying these little bundles SO much. This session was done at his home when he was 11 days old. His mom and dad gave him many snuggles, feeds, kisses and walks, but he was not much in the mood of having his pictures taken. Really, lying naked on the floor in the middle of January wouldn't exactly lull me to sleep either. I get it Miykah. We did manage to get him sleepy for a few portrait shots, and then he spent the rest of the time snuggling. Dad can't be pictured for professional reasons, but you'll see his hand in a few photos. Another special person in the house, was his great-grandma...and you will agree, this lady looks fantastic for having such a title!
Congratulations to this beautiful, little family. Your son is perfection...enjoy your baby-moon.
All the beautiful knitted peices you see in this shoot are compliments of Munchkins'n' More.

Monday, January 17, 2011

julius {newborn}

This little guy was born to be in front of a camera. He arrived for his session fast asleep and proceeded to sleep as we stripped him and posed him - what a baby super star! He did wake up eventually, and had some snuggles with his mom and dad...and a few little snack breaks of course.
This session also marks a first for me. I have partnered with the lovely Denise from Munchkins N More. This talented gal is starting an Etsy shop of all her fabulous creations (click on the link to take a peek at her FB page), and I get the fun of offering some of these (hats, newborn pouches, hammocks etc.) as props to my clients, and if they agree, their babies are in turn models on Etsy!

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