Monday, March 21, 2011

jamie {head shots}

This beautiful young woman has a dream. Never mind that she is a full time mom of two pre-schoolers; forget the fact that she is almost 6 months pregnant with her third baby. I only met Jamie last year, but I know already that she is a woman of passion, drive and soul. Her dream is to act; to perform, and she is taking the steps to get there. As part of getting started in local theatre, she asked if I could take some head shots for her. Of course,  I agreed....the woman has a gorgeous head :)
Jamie, you are an inspiration...I love that you are going for it! I love that you are not getting stuck in the trenches of motherhood, but being true to yourself as well - whatever the pace and path.
Be assured...the night of your first performance, I will be there.

Monday, March 7, 2011

katie + jonathan {engagement}

It is so obvious, even from an hour of photographing these two, that the boy is completely smitten with the girl. And in turn, the girl, when held by the boy, gives off this glow that made me giddy to sit down and edit this session.
As I drove to Fort Langley last weekend for this session, the cloudy skies of Abbotsford gave way to the picturesque snow globe of a quaint small town. Perfect. When I met Katie and Jonathan a few months back to discuss wedding photography, Katie was a self professed camera-phobe. I, on the other hand knew she would photograph beautifully and couldn't wait to capture the cuteness of this fun couple. We laughed from the get go, creating different names for different faces; ummm...strike an epic someone!
To end our session, the couple requested a few photos in front of their apartment, which sits on top of an antique store in the heart of town...which turned out to be Jon's family's antique store, Country Lane Antiques. Anyone who knows me, knows I love all things of course I was not content to stay outside. I'm pretty sure I spun in circles for the next half hour, wandering both floors of this treasure trove.
Katie + Jonathan, I am so honored and excited to be the one capturing your wedding day...thank you for a most wonderful snowy morning :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

my own... {personal}

Sometimes I wish I had a bit more time to invest in this little business of mine. I see the beautiful websites and blogs out there and wish I could hunker down somewhere and learn, develop and create something that would more accurately represent this passion of mine. And it will come...just slowly. First, I am a momma. I can schedule in a few photo sessions a week and editing is done after my little gals are sleeping; Work on the website is sporadic and comes only during rare moments of being "caught up."
But, in those brief moments of "if only," my heart quickly remembers that these little people, my family and my friends are where my love of photography first bloomed. And though the art has grown and spread into part of my livelihood, the pictures I will cherish when I am old and grey are these...the pictures of my own.

* all the adorable hats in this post are the handiwork of Denise, at Munchkins N More....

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