Sunday, June 24, 2012

geoff, vicky + ada {victoria maternity + family photography}

The first thing I noticed was her zebra striped Toms...itty bitty, beautiful shoes. Miss Ada's mom and dad are good friends of my sister and brother- in-law and I have always enjoyed our little visits whenever our paths have crossed. Geoff and Vicky have an easygoing air about them...relaxed, sweet and easy to be around. They also have really good style (refer to the shoe example above). All these things combined made our Victoria family/maternity session a piece of cake and oh so pleasing to my eye. Thankfully, Steve was able to shoot this one with me, and some of his wide angle shots are my faves of the day. He also helped Ada with her snack while I got a few belly shots with Geoff + Vicky. Little sister is set to join the family in a few weeks! Lucky baby :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

on father's day...

This is a post I've been waiting to share...saving for a special occasion like today. It may seem simple - a parade and a carnival, but to me it will be a memory I will treasure forever. When I was growing up, it was a written in stone tradition to attend the Oak Bay Tea Party festivities in our village. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the event, and in my 31 years, I am confident I have been to at least half of them. This one was special though. This was the first time Steve had come, and of course, Anna too. I'm not sure if it's nostalgia or what, but I was SO excited to share this tradition with my whole family. My fabulous sister tagged along for the day, helping with Anna, so Steve and I could do things with the big girls like take them on their first Ferris wheel ride (BEST).

Why is something so simple, so special? Because. This day exemplifies what an amazing dad my husband has become in the last five years. Believe it or not, fairs and rides are not Steve's thing...he didn't even really like Disney world (WHO doesn't like Disney????). But he threw himself into this day with both feet jumping in and hands thrown in the air. He didn't give any inkling that the Tea Party wasn't his cup of tea. In fact, the opposite was true. And I know he did it for me and for our kids. Just like so many other things he does - thrift store shopping, letting me sleep in, walking fussy babies, wiping dirty bums, spending long days shooting weddings with me, dance parties with pre-schoolers, park times so I can run, helping me decorate for birthdays, making breakfasts, doing dishes, fixing my computer fails, praying with our kids each night, living in a house with four girls....and thriving!

I love him. I really, really do. Being married is hard; being a parent is hard. And I can honestly say, my husband gives both his absolute all. He has seen me at my worst and shows me love and grace comparable only to our Creator. I can say with my whole heart that I am head over heels with the love of my life. I know, I know...enough mush...but it's true. And that's just me. Our girls our head over heels to. Each one of them. Steve has had a way with Anna since she was born...I would often pass her off to him in frustration in the evenings when she was younger, and his magic hold would calm her. He makes her smile with her whole body. Maya loves to have fun with her Dad. She squeals and runs to greet him when we've been away. She LOVES it when he hides in her closet and scares her. She is our firecracker, and no-one can quite speak her language like her Dad. And Halle has turned from a Momma's girl into quite the Daddy's girl. Whether it's paper airplanes, connect four or anything iphone related - she seeks his companionship constantly...and he gives it. This guy is a 5 star dad.

After our day at the fair, we came home regaling the magic of our day. Steve rode the Ferris Wheel with Maya, and I rode it with Halle. Em held a sleeping Anna. We were in seats that were side by side, so both of us were able to look over and watch the other pairs reactions. Those are the moments I won't forget. Bringing my child to the top of the world on a colorful spinning wheel, looking down at all the little ant people, the spinning rides, the cotton candy, the ocean. And then, looking over my shoulder and seeing my husband with our three year old...laughing and squealing like the best of them...catching his eye and sharing that. That is better than any photograph.

{To my babe on Father's day...thanks for being you...for being an amazing dad...for making my dreams come true!}

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