Megan Edelman
My love of photography started with a pinhole camera and a darkroom back in highschool. Over the years my style, preferences and knowledge has changed and grown up with me. With the birth of both my daughters came a renewed and intensified passion for capturing my moments with them. I soon realized that as stunning as my children are, I also love taking photographs of others; I love glimpsing into where people are at and offering them my perspective of that.
Sometimes, before a shoot I lie awake in bed and take pictures in my head...I've got it bad....enough said.

Steven Edelman
I have always enjoyed taking pictures.  Expressing creativity through photography and music is a part of who I am.  Being behind the lens of a camera is a comfortable and fun place to be. I love capturing unique and perfect moments.  

Services available in Greater Vancouver,  Fraser Valley, Victoria and other parts of British Columbia.

We shoot all our weddings together and will travel for an additional fee...especially to warm, tropical places!
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