Friday, October 24, 2014

.anna turns three.

My baby turned three today. The day was pretty uneventful in all respects. She woke up to presents in our bed, surrounded by her sisters, who matched if not exceeded her enthusiasm. She spent the day with her doting Grampy + Grammie, as Steve and I were at work. And her grand birthday meal? The food fair of our local mall. I slightly shudder when I think of the time and energy I expended on her oldest sister's third birthday princess party. Sweet baby girl, this is no reflection of your momma's love for you. As I read through her previous birthday posts, the common thread of immense JOY she has brought to our family continues. As I seek to remain honest in these  birthday posts, I must confess that this year has been the most challenging with our sweet girl yet. She has an extremely strong will and a really loud whine. She is insanely particular about her habits and rituals. She likes to eat peanut butter out of the same spoon, standing on the same side of the counter, on the same chair each morning. If anyone interferes with any of these crucial elements...heaven help you. She has a strong streak of defiance right now. When I told her of her impending bedtime the other night, she screamed in protest. I proceeded to pour her milk in the jar to be warmed. As I put the jug of milk back into the fridge, I turned to see her little hand reach up and grab the jar of milk. While staring me straight in the eye, she upended the container, dumped the milk and repeated that she was not going to bed. You can let your imaginations procure the ending to that story :) So, there are those moments. There are also the moments when she wraps her slim, smooth arms around my neck, and whispers in my ear..."mommy, you're my frave-rite" for no particular reason. Those moments are delicious. Another one was watching her belly laugh loudly as we all sang Happy Birthday to her this morning in bed...she just thought it was the greatest. And we think she is the greatest. 
With both sisters in school, it is now just her and I at home. Some people told me I might have more time with just one at home, but I have less. She wants me, and all my attention. There have been mornings where we snuggle on the couch watching cartoons until late morning or build a duplo castle just for her. I am not getting as much editing done as I had planned, but as I have learned twice through experience...these moments are fleeting. The diapers are gone, her bottle is in the garbage, and piece by piece...moment by baby is becoming a big girl. And I love her...WE love her, so very much. Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet lamb....we are so incredibly grateful that you are ours.

* The pics below are a few from ordinary moments in the last week. Then there are a few of her and her buddy Rhea (whose birthday is in 5 days) that I took at Ma-luxe Studios. I have never had much interest in or preference for studio photography, but I absolutely love the amazing space at Ma-luxe. Thanks ladies for letting me bring in these little sweeties xo.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

.paul + elise. surrey backyard wedding

Many Thanks To Grady + Breanna of Evergreen + Bound Films for being so wonderful to work with! Can't wait to see your creation!
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