Some attire advice...

One of the most frequent questions I receive from clients after booking a wedding is: "What should I wear for the engagement session?"

Here's a few tips to save you some pennies and a whole lot of sanity! The first step is popping into your closet and asking yourself "What do I feel the best in?" What is your go-to, feel good outfit? I always allow for an outfit change at engagement sessions, so grab your best two!  It's great for the two of you to aim for a look that is pulled together, but not matchy-matchy.
I love punches of color against a more neutral overall look. Whether it be a scarf, shoes, or other accessory :) Ultimately, have fun with your looks...but be comfortable! For the ladies I always recommend professional hair and make-up (or if you have a friend with mad skills)...not a must, but can definitely add  to the finished product.

Lastly, your best accessory is EACH OTHER! Relax, enjoy yourselves, laugh at my stupid jokes and let's take some pictures :)

Here is a link to my "what to wear" pinterest page!...pictures do a better job than my descriptions!

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  1. Love your pictures Megan , they come from the heart .


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