Thursday, March 3, 2011

my own... {personal}

Sometimes I wish I had a bit more time to invest in this little business of mine. I see the beautiful websites and blogs out there and wish I could hunker down somewhere and learn, develop and create something that would more accurately represent this passion of mine. And it will come...just slowly. First, I am a momma. I can schedule in a few photo sessions a week and editing is done after my little gals are sleeping; Work on the website is sporadic and comes only during rare moments of being "caught up."
But, in those brief moments of "if only," my heart quickly remembers that these little people, my family and my friends are where my love of photography first bloomed. And though the art has grown and spread into part of my livelihood, the pictures I will cherish when I am old and grey are these...the pictures of my own.

* all the adorable hats in this post are the handiwork of Denise, at Munchkins N More....


  1. Your family and loves are beautiful and so is your art! :)

  2. ditto. super love this.
    and YOU.


  3. Beautiful. Love your girls expressions! You have a beautiful family and relatives too!

  4. remember, it's all relative! (you know, that wishing for more). You're way ahead of me, if that helps at all! :)
    love the pictures in this post!


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