Monday, March 21, 2011

jamie {head shots}

This beautiful young woman has a dream. Never mind that she is a full time mom of two pre-schoolers; forget the fact that she is almost 6 months pregnant with her third baby. I only met Jamie last year, but I know already that she is a woman of passion, drive and soul. Her dream is to act; to perform, and she is taking the steps to get there. As part of getting started in local theatre, she asked if I could take some head shots for her. Of course,  I agreed....the woman has a gorgeous head :)
Jamie, you are an inspiration...I love that you are going for it! I love that you are not getting stuck in the trenches of motherhood, but being true to yourself as well - whatever the pace and path.
Be assured...the night of your first performance, I will be there.


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