Tuesday, January 25, 2011

victoria {children + animal}

This beautiful young lady is Victoria. She is 9 years old and LOVES horses...a lot. I had the pleasure of joining her at the Vanderkooi Friesian farm last weekend to take some photos of her doing what she loves. The horse in these photos is a beauty named, Ieme. I have to give huge props to this animal and her trainer, Meshell who were so great at helping us get just the right shots.
Victoria rode Ieme like a champ and absolutely beamed whenever she was near the horse. It's so neat to see such nurturing given from such a young person. After we tired the poor pony out (don't worry, it was rewarded with an apple and treats), Victoria and I walked around the property and let her try her hand at modelling. I think she prefers to be with the horse - but she was awesome at both :)


  1. these are SO fantastic. I love the contrast between the huge horse and petite girl. very well done!

  2. I wish I was Victoria!! PLEASE take me there!!!!! I LOVE Fresians!!! How do I get there? Awesome pictures Megs!

  3. ...wow beautiful pictures...I kinda thinkg she has the modelling thing down!

  4. AWSOME pics Megan, you are just sooo good! You have a very beautiful daughter Kristina, looks like she is very talented with horses!


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