Sunday, April 17, 2011

rob {head shots}

Typically, when I book a session for head shots, I know what I'm getting into.  No running after wayward two year olds, no singing cartoon theme songs to get everyones attention. I don't have to worry much about posing assistance or providing goofy attempts at cracking the ice for couples nervous about showing affection on camera. Head shots are pretty straight forward and uneventful.

That said, I was excited for this session. Rob and I go way back...waaaaay back to my Camp Qwanoes days in the late 90's. He and his wife, Sarah, are expecting their second babe this summer, so we chatted pregnancy and it's perks, life with kiddos, aging and memories. Basically, we walked and laughed and took a few pictures in between.

And I have to give a shameless plug to my old pal. Rob is a new realtor with Homelife in Cloverdale. It was obvious through our conversation, that he is excited, knowledgeable and driven in his new venture. His website is on its way, and when I get the link, I will be sure to put it on my FB page. All the best Rob :)

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