Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a prom day {graduation}

This post is my second featuring the graduates of the class of 2011. You can view part one over here if you happened to miss it!  The gorgeous young folks in this post are now alumni from Mission Secondary School, and, if some of them seem familiar, it's because a number of them were either graduates or dates from that last blog I mentioned. It's a tight-knit, little community we have going on here!
So, to all the lovelies featured here today...thanks for being so good looking and fun! Thanks for letting a sweaty, pregnant chick (it was REALLY hot) tag along on such a special day. And, to the good people at Starbucks, thanks for the iced white mocha that surely saved me from dehydration!
Looking forward to next year, Grad 2012!!!!


  1. thank you so much, Megan <3 you are fabulous!

  2. These are AAAAMAZING! Hope you get noticed one day for your increadible work :) - april


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