Thursday, December 15, 2011

fifty days

Yesterday, Miss Anna spent her fiftieth day "on the outside." She has become such a part of our family.  She is lovingly known as Anna banana, NOT Anna Montana as my mother once referred to her. It was an honest mistake. The girls love to take turns holding her and run away squealing whenever we encounter a poopy diaper.
While taking a little break from photography, I've had recent urges to get crafty.  I crocheted Anna a blanket while I was pregnant (the rainbow colored one seen in the middle of this post). My latest project was a bird mobile. I saw a number of them on etsy, but my thrifty, mennonite side came out and I knew I could make it for much cheaper. These five little birds were handcrafted with love using fabric and buttons from my momma's sewing room. They are suspended on driftwood from a beach by our place and hung by daddy right over the princess' sleeping spot.
The crafting has been fun, but I am so excited to resume photography sessions, starting at the end of this month. I have so many great couples getting married in 2012 and I look forward to sharing their stories with you. Until then, some more photos of my precious babe.


  1. She is so precious, as are all of you! Hugs to everyone!

  2. so cute!!!!!!! especially the girly! but love your craftiness, may theft some ideas :D

  3. I just love this little thing... A whole lot


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