Saturday, March 17, 2012

three year oldness {personal}

I just tucked my precious little two year old into bed, and in the morning she will wake me up, a three year old! I remember when I first lay eyes on her as a tiny, little baby. I think every parent about to have their second child wonders how they can possibly love another one. And then, it happens. It's familiar, yet different. Within seconds, you are fully aware that this new babe has the same ability to capture your heart.
Maya has truly captured our hearts. She is a sparky, curious, head strong, imaginitive, sassy, helpful, energetic, non-stop, in motion three year old bundle of joy. She tells me she loves me every day. She cooks supper with me every night - that may sound rather Norman Rockwell to you - but cooking supper with a preschooler every day is a hardcore exercise in patience and self-control. Especially when you're a wee bit of a controlling perfectionist like myself ;) I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Of course, I had grand visions of a styled shoot to capture her yummy 'three year oldness,' but due to rain and the above mentioned 'three year oldness,' I got about 4.5 minutes in a field by our house.
Sweet Maya Kate - I love you so...all the way to heaven and back! Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. Be blessed my baby.


  1. Oh how I miss all of the Edelman girls...momma included! Happy Birthday Maya!!

  2. I remember meeting little miss maya when she was born :) Happy Birthday Maya!!!

  3. Seriously where did the last three years go?! Love this is little one and so wish we could be there to celebrate! Can't wait for the next visit.

  4. She is so precious. Love the photos of Maya! I also loved the photos of the wedding that took place just recently. I recognized some people from my Trinity days.


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