Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ryan + julie {white rock engagement photography}

My last memory of Julie is from about fourteen years ago (do you know how weird it feels to write that?). The two of us were wearing the same T-shirt; not two of the same, no...we were two people in one shirt. Ah, camp twin day memories! Other than a few facebook glimpses since, this was the first time I have seen her.
And it was so lovely; not just to catch up, but to see her so happy and in love. Ryan is a catch. Yep, I've known the boy for all of two hours, but both Steve and I were impressed with this generous and sweet couple. They even offered us a place to stay if we were ever in town!
I typically don't do multiple locations for an engagement session, but because Julie is an old friend, I was happy to hit up both Campbell Valley park and White Rock beach. They chose two totally different looks for each locale, and Julie invested some time and thought into a few details + props.
Ryan + Julie ~ I hope these pictures make you as happy as they make me. It was so awesome to spend this time with you and we are both excited to photograph your wedding next April!

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