Wednesday, March 20, 2013

.maya turns four.

Oh how I love this child. She is our precious middle girl and she is now four years old. I remember after Halle was born, wondering if I could love another, and the moment I lay eyes and ears on Maya, I knew the answer.  She started talking quite early and hasn't stopped days are not even remotely quiet with her by my side. There are moments where she makes me crazy and moments that I cover her face with kisses while she giggles in delight. She recites the alphabet perfectly except for, "H-R-J-K..." I hope she never learns about "I." She loves games and likes to make up her own rules. Same thing with songs. She loves her sisters and friends. She is not afraid to speak up or talk back. She greets me each and every morning with a hug and a drawing. She is strong, and klutzy and loving and passionate. Our prayer is that we can harness her vivacious character and help her grow into a beautiful strong woman. Maya are so loved! Each day of the last four years has been made better by you.



  1. Oh maya kateeee. How I love you, you precious four year old.
    Auntie em

  2. how darling! is here getting more red? reminds me of my own at that age. (and her personality sounds a lot like my middle!)


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