Wednesday, June 12, 2013

.three little hens.

We have had some big changes around here lately!!! Moving...even a short move...with three small children is no small undertaking. After weeks of packing, and cleaning, and unpacking, and cleaning, and everything else that goes with it, I decided  to take a breath and pick up my camera. Not for work, but for my three little their new neighbourhood! They seem to have all had a growth spurt lately, and I didn't want to miss documenting this new chapter in the Edelman story. Pretty sure it's going to be a great one...



  1. Ok, these are GORGEOUS photos! Such little beauties :)

  2. I always love seeing you little hens, they are such beauties! Congrats on your new place, I hope it is feeling homey and you are feeling settled. Miss you Megan!


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