Monday, July 15, 2013

.graham + hong. rowena's inn on the river wedding photography


Photographing a wedding is essentially documenting a story without words... a love story. Sometimes we help to encourage moments; to create flow and induce smiles. Other times, we get to sit back and enjoy the show. Graham and Hong's was that kind of wedding. They understood the importance of setting and details as big components of their story. As we photographed their first look under a massive tree at Rowena's Inn on the River,  I couldn't imagine the day unfolding anywhere else. Perfection was located right there. In addition to the backdrop, this love story had an amazing cast...beautiful friends and family equally overjoyed to be sharing in this special day. And then there is our bride and groom. Graham and Hong have such a sweet, tender love between them. It is so apparent that they are just darn crazy about each other. There were snuggles and tears of joy throughout the day...the kind that we as photographers just drink up. I told Hong, as the morning progressed, that if I were to marry Steve all over again (which I would do in a heartbeat), a wedding like theirs would be just what I would picture. So, forgive me for being liberal with the photos, but I really couldn't help myself....

{the ladies began their day where they spent the evening prior, at beautiful Rowena's Inn on the River}

{I loved, loved the girls' getting ready robes...if anyone ever wants to give a girl a gift, plum pretty sugar is the place to shop}

{over the river and through the woods, Graham and the boys were making preparations of their own}

{Steve and I have our cameras time synced, and I discovered as I was editing, that Graham and Hong were reading the letters they wrote each other at exactly the same time}

{I love first looks...ask me why and I'll write you a paragraph...but Hong summed it up pretty well, "that was my favourite part of the whole day."}

{after portraits, it was off to Minter Gardens for the ceremony and reception}

{ I also loved that Graham + Hong cared so much about their wedding photos...this was reflected in how generous they were with the time we were given to capture these moments}

{ are one beautiful woman}

{just a note to say that Steve captured the above kiss with the rainbow flare...not added in post!}

{our second portrait block flowed beautifully into the couple's reception}
{I must point out perhaps the loveliest cake I have ever seen!!!}

~We also want to give special props and a huge plug to the guys at Capture the Moment Media .
These guys were super cool and such a pleasure to work beside...I am so excited to see the wedding film.

~Graham + Hong - thank you for the privilege and delight of sharing this day with you. We are so excited that we get to see you again next year at Linh's wedding! Blessings :)


  1. Beautiful!! Makes me extra excited for August 10th!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Were all of these photos taken at Rowena's Inn on the River? I've been there before for a wedding, and some of the scenery doesn't look like it was at Rowena's?

  3. These pics are really eye soothing, thanks for sharing. I must say wedding photography is like an art and everyone doesn't have it. This is the reason why experts are preferred for the occasions like wedding, otherwise there are many "Wannabe" wedding photographers who are ready to work in less price. But really quality does matters.

  4. So wonderfully stunning! So much beauty and a true joy to be part of with our Plum Pretty Sugar Bride and Bridesmaid Robes. Sweet wishes to everyone!


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