Monday, March 17, 2014

.maya turns five.

Our precious middle daughter turns five today. This past weekend we celebrated with friends and family, and a "frozen" themed birthday party. A few days before that, as we drove to one of our favourite spots to take her five year portraits, Steve spotted a path we had never noticed before and away we went. It was so chilly, but Miss Maya, proudly posed and played in her chosen sweater and headband as mommy and daddy took turns taking pictures of her.
Maya has the sweetest little spirit. This September, she will start kindergarten and join her big sister at school. I will miss my sidekick. Maya is a thoughtful, funny, earnest and kind girl. She helps me cook most meals and shares so well with her not so generous younger sister. She recently told me her new boots were so big, that they went all the way up to her leg shoulders…she meant knees…but I just looked at her sweet face in the rear-view mirror of the van and willed her to call them leg shoulders forever. Although I know she sometimes feels a bit of the middle child "syndrome," it is our prayer that she will never doubt how incredibly important, beautiful and loved that she really is. Happy birthday my sweet baby girl.


  1. im literally dying. i mean, i just can't. she's so beautiful! i looooove you mymy! gosh. - auntie em

  2. love her so much. can't believe she's 5!

  3. Thanks for sharing as you celebrate #1 girl's special 5th birthday! Of course each daughter is #1! :-)


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