Tuesday, April 8, 2014

.james + heather. victoria maternity photography

Heather is one of my oldest friends. We met back in the good old days at Oak Bay High, bonding over a love of "My So Called Life," and the general hilarity of Gr.10 Social Studies with Mr.Woodley and his "good old fashioned junior high fun and games." And sooo much more. James came onto the scene not too long after I did, so it's really always been Heather + James, James + Heather. As it should be :) Two things that are awesome about this woman? She is an amazing friend. I am not exactly famous for staying in touch, but Heather has always done her part (and a lot of mine) in maintaining our friendship. I know her nearest and and dearest would say she is fiercely loyal to her friends and holds them in the highest of priorities. Two...she does strong so beautifully. Heather started dealing with a serious health condition a couple years into our friendship and continues to face the effects of it. Through our chats over the years and keeping up through her blog, I have marvelled at how she is not only tough and resilient, but magnetic and funny as she does it. This woman will make an amazing mother.
As I watched Heather and James at their session, it was so very clear that the chemistry wasn't just for me or the camera. It's still there...that high school dance, older boy, over the moon, meant to be, love.  It's seasoned with almost two decades of being together, and the impending arrival of a wee, little boy that will only make it better. It's beautiful.


  1. I have no words! Thank you so much my darling friend. These are a beautiful gift. Thank you!!! xx

  2. OMG! What an amazing shoot and great couple! Congrats Heather and James! Those pictures are fantastic!


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