Thursday, May 22, 2014

.sean + avery. chilliwack engagement photography

This was such a sweet session. I have known Avery (and technically Sean) for several years. Avery is the bestie of my dear cousin Maren, who lived just down the road from us, back when we lived on the mainland. I remember when these young gals graduated high school...I remember Avery meeting my babies when I sought solace at my aunt and uncles house as a new mom. In later years, we have hung out at Sean's family farm and pool in the summers. I reminded them that they have seen me 9 months pregnant in a this photo shoot was nothing to be nervous about :) And they did amazing. Steve shot with me (always a treat) and my other cousin Kelly tagged along and was such an awesome help! Sean and Avery led us to a location of their choice in Chilliwack; but as we drove past this field of buttercups on the way...I knew we HAD to stop. Thankfully the field ended up belonging to an old college acquaintance that was gracious enough to let us frolic for a while :) Until next month you two!

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  1. ...all good things come to those that wait......these fabulous photos!..took a few tries but they are worth the wait!


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