Saturday, April 4, 2015

.halle turns eight.

This precious girl of ours turns eight today...EIGHT.
Clearly, I am not old enough to have an eight year old child, but somehow this has happened.
As April 4th rolls around each year, it is to me not only the birthday of Halle Ruth, but also a day that marks an incredible turning point in my own life.
April 4, 2007 I became a momma. Game changer. World shaker, everything as I knew it, completely different.
Alas, this post is not about is about HER.
More than any years past, this has been a year that I have seen glimpses of Halle the teenager, the young woman. It's absolutely terrifying.
She is so clearly caught between her little girl self, and the enticing world of grown-ups that she finds so alluring...much like her mother did. 
Her Grammie took her shopping for her birthday and as she looked to pick out her perfect gift, she was caught between dolls and clothing and accessories.
I feel such an intense desire to protect her little girl heart from what is to come. 
She is artistic...she set up so many of these photos here herself, telling me what to shoot.
She loves to create...this is where her strength and passion is. Whether it be with pencils, paint or the contents of our recycling bin she crafts stories, pictures and works of art.
She has a flair for the dramatic...Steve and I are befuddled as to where this came from.
She is a little mother...Anna often calls for her when she is hurt or sick.
She is known at school and by her teacher to be shy, thoughtful, cautious and caring.
She is not a social butterfly, but those she counts as friends are loved fiercely and loyally.
Precious are so loved, so "just right" as you are!
Happy Birthday baby girl...we love you so!

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  1. I remember falling in love with your beautiful pictures (and girls) years ago, but then I forgot your name...and sort of dropped out of the blogging world anyway. Something jogged my memory today and I am so thrilled to see your amazing skills (and offspring) again. I'm excited to return and catch up a bit on your life. It seems like everyone was a photographer for a while there, but you are a true artist and I'm a huge fan of your work!


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