Tuesday, October 24, 2017

.anna turns six.

Oh this girl of mine. She has added so much spark to our lives in the last six years. More specifically, what she possesses, runs anywhere from spark to forest fire.
I remember when Halle was little, we used to always say she was strong willed; then, when Maya arrived, we thought, "No no... Maya's actually the strong-willed one." Then Anna came along and rendered these parents of two relatively mild-mannered, obedient, little girls, completely befuddled. Six years later, we're pretty much still there. And we couldn't love her more.
One of our dear friends always says that when she grows up, Anna will change the world. And I think she very well could. Anna feels and does everything with fervor. If she is sad, she's devastated. If something is funny, it's hilarious. If someone has wronged her, they should go to jail. If she's hungry, she might actually die from it. If she draws a really good picture, she's "probably the best grade one drawer in the world." If she doesn't want to wear a certain pair of pants, she takes them off.
Yes, this precious girl keeps us on her toes with her antics, but she also loves with the same fervor. She gives amazing hugs, writes me endless love notes, and she will always be my baby. As I do my final checks before I head to bed each night, I often linger by her bed and stroke her cheek. I honestly think I can still feel some of the softness that was there as a little baby.
I know that she is ours for a reason; that we were meant to watch HER grow, to be her people. And I am as thankful today as I was six years ago when I saw her little face for the first time behind the OR screen; when I kissed and smelled her forcep bruised lips, and watched as her Daddy and sisters fell in love with her right before my eyes.
Anna - you are a precious gift. You are strong and smart, funny and creative. You are a unique and beautiful creature. And I am so very happy that I get to be your mom. I love you.

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