Wednesday, October 24, 2018

.anna turns seven.

Today my baby is seven. She has waited for this day with such anticipation. Always trying to catch up with her sisters, and never quite able to close the gap. I love her so much. We have seen such huge growth this past year in Anna...she made such a giant leap from little girl to big girl. She can read anything now, and I often find her bible open on her bed. She has lost much of her clinginess, and flies out the door to school and social events without much of a backward glance. 

Her biggest struggle and her biggest gift (how it usually goes for most of us) is her feelings. This girl FEELS her feelings...everything is magnified. Her excitement is contagious and loud. Her sense of disappointment is devastating and loud. Her anger is explosive and loud. Her love is overflowing and....loud. She does things big and I trust and pray that she will use this gift one day like her Dad - that she will lead and make a difference.

And that one day is coming fast...too fast for this mom. While I absolutely LOVE the stage we're in now; when I let myself rewind 7 years ago to this moment, holding my fresh, perfect heart hurts. We have this sweet video from when Anna was probably 2 months old, and I am singing to her, and she is just staring up at me with a full body smile. She still gets that exact same expression at bedtime sometimes, when I tuck her in.  I am still able to set her world right with a song, a snuggle and a prayer. And I know that won't last forever either. 

This whole "being a mom" thing really does wreck you in the best way, and I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be wrecked by bonus baby...I had no plans for her of my own, but so, so glad that God took matters into His own hands.

And in closing - a promise Anna made to me yesterday: 
Anna: "Mom, cats kiss so gross. With their tongues!!!!!!! I am never, ever going to 'cat kiss' anyone. Especially a boy." 
Me: "Do you promise, Anna?"
Anna: "I promise."
Me: "mmmmhmmmm"

Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you so very much.

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