Friday, September 17, 2010

bryce, krista + jacob {family}

The lovely momma of this little boy is a longtime friend of mine. We go way back to our teenage days, (ummm...since when was that way back???) when we met and worked together at Camp Qwanoes on Vancouver Island. We did lose touch for a few years, but started our friendship up easily again through Facebook (what would we do without it?). She is, and will remain, a true friend to me.
This little family resides in Stony Plain, AB these days; so I was totally thrilled when Krista messaged me last month about their upcoming visit to BC and the possibility of a photo shoot! Not only did I get a chance to catch up and see an old friend, I also got to take some photos of her sweet, little family.
Jacob just turned one a week prior to our session, and was in the process of cutting three teeth (cringe), but he was a trooper, and he's stinkin' adorable to boot!
Krista - it was so good to see you again and meet the men in your life! You are beautiful, my friend...hope you enjoy your photos :)


  1. Love the first shot of him in the red plaid shirt! So adorable. The family will love these photos!

  2. beautiful beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!! love these!

  3. Those eyes are ADORABLE!!! Great pics Megan!!!!
    {I am attempting to do our family photo shoot today and sure wish you were doing them instead!!}

  4. Krista is looking as gorgeous as ever - and what a beautiful little family! great shots Megan. And glad you two were able to re-connect!


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