Saturday, September 4, 2010

jay+ koralee + family

I met up with this great family a few days back to get some photos done before their middle daughter heads across seas at the end of the month. You may recognize Molly from a previous session on the blog, along with Bryce and Ali (who also happen to be my brother and sister-in-law). What a fun opportunity to get the whole group together!
I was met with laughter and smiles and the entire session was basically a continuation of that. There is a lot of teasing and humour with this group, so it was pretty easy to get some great expressions from them.
Jay and Koralee -  It is obvious that family is something you all value greatly, and I hope that you find this reflected in your photos.


  1. love them all. what a beautiful family!

  2. Great job capturing this fun, beautiful family!

  3. are amazing!!! Thank you so much once again.We had so much fun! You are the BEST!!! xoxox

  4. love love love them! you are amazing:)


  5. ..oh my I go again saying ...this is the best!

  6. Just saw these today...what a beautiful family...yes, even the guys!! Love them all!


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