Friday, July 23, 2010

molly {graduation}

Molly and I met up this past week to take some photos in honor of her highschool graduation last month. What a gorgeous and sweet girl!!! Not only did we get some really fun pictures taken, I also had a blast    doing it! Molly introduced me to an amazing spot and despite looking angelic and dainty in her white dress, she was more than willing to climb fences in order to get the job kind of girl!
Molly, your beauty is unique and stunning. All the best as you venture off to Europe this fall,I have no doubt your experiences will be amazing!


  1. I suspected it might be her after your teaser post the other day. You're beautiful, Molly! And well done, Megan! What a great location. Are you able to use it again?

  2. Megan...these are so really captured the sweet soul of molly in your do you do it??? You are amazing.

  3. Gorgeous pictures...beautiful model!!

  4. Where is this? Totally cool location!

  5. Megan! LOVE them. And I also kinda love your subject as well. Beautiful:)


  6. Lovely images of a stunning young woman with a beautiful smile!

  7. Hi Megan, i just popped over from sweet Koralee. Your pictures are awesome. You definitely have the EYE!
    Wishing you a happy Tuesday, don't forget to take your camera .^_^.

  8. Hi Megan,

    Have just come over from Koralee's blog.
    Your photographs are amazing and loved looking at your work.
    I love all the natural photos of your beautiful model.

    Happy week

  9. Hi Megan,
    Stopping by from Koralee's beautiful blog, to view your awesome photos! You have an amazing eye...what a blessing! :)
    The photos of Molly reminded me of the same magic as in: Alice in Wonderland! Molly plays the part well!!
    Your family and baby photos are just the sweetest moments captured on film...:) Precious!! What a joy visiting your site!
    @}~`}~~~~ Gloria

  10. Hi Megan!
    Also stopping by from Koralee's! What a treasure she is!
    and... as I visit your beautiful site...
    what treasures you have created for the people you photographed!
    Molly is such a stunning young woman... and you certainly have captured this beauty as well as that twinkle in her eyes!

    The baby photos are also fabulous! I'm still smiling at the photos of the babies in the knitted wrap. oh and the one with the toes... precious!

    Many blessings as you venture into this creative and so very rewarding career!

  11. you did a beautiful job, love them! susan

  12. Amazing Pics!!!!!! Love,love ,love em! Molly is absolutely Beautiful!
    You definitely have an eye for amazing!


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