Wednesday, July 21, 2010

brielle {newborn}

Meet little Brielle. This tiny beauty joined her family at the beginning of this month;  Brielle joins her big brother, Ty and parents, Justin and Allison. When I arrived at their home to take these photos (a gift from Brielle's auntie), I was surprised to realize that I actually knew Allison. Our paths had crossed over the last decade at both work and church...Oh, Abbotsford....what a small, little Mennonite world we live in!
Whereas Brielle is a lovely, petite, fine featured girly gal, her brother Ty is an adorable, "wanna squish his cheeks", BUSY, two year old boy. They were both an absolute pleasure to take photos of.
Justin and have a beautiful family. Your love for each other and your kids is obvious! I hope you enjoy these memories of Brielle's arrival...such a special time!
Oh, and tell Ty the picture I took of his bulldozer will be on the disc ;)


  1. Amazing MEG!!!!!!! i love how the photos of Liam were on the cooler side (he is a boy after all) and these ones of Brielle were a warmy pinky tone... super girly! love it! well done! love the one of her on the chair? I think it is... and she is in the cocoon type thing with the flower. it's my fave!

  2. LOVE love the photos Megan!! Seriously how much will it take to fly you down here?? You all need a vacation don't you?? ;)

  3. Oh my gosh! Simply adorable! My favorites are the first the rose headband, too :) You are so talented.

  4. Megs - thankyou so much for doing these pics of our niece... absolutely gorgeous!! Love the family pics, too. Once again it's hard to pick a favorite.
    ps. Ty's full name is just Ty (not Tyler :)

  5. ...oh my ...I keep saying "these are my favorites" d then it happens again!..these are just adorable...what a beautiful little girl & handsome boy!


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