Friday, July 16, 2010

liam {newborn}

This beautiful boy in blue is Liam. I was in Victoria for vacation this past week and was lucky enough to squeeze in a session with this little darling. Liam's dad is my cousin, Adam, so I guess that makes me his second cousin? great cousin aunt? Not sure. I DO know that Liam is blessed by parents that are absolutely over the moon in love with him.
Adam and are beautiful people and amazing parents. This little boy is so fortunate to have you as his role models for love. It was so great having a visit with you; I look forward to next time! Snuggles to Liam!


  1. oh my goodness, I love the ones with him snuggled up in the hat. You have such a great eye for the perfect shots. And I'd say he's your cousin's kid, and he is your girls' second cousin.

  2. Seriously, how do people look so great so soon after having a baby?? I have to hibernate for like 9 months after so people dont have to see me until I lose the weight and look human again!
    Great photos!! His eyes are to die for!

  3. ohhh my liam! you are way too cute..not fair.
    love these pics...

  4. beautiful pictures of liam - i do like the last ones in the cocoon, on the chenille blanket - he sure looks like his daddy

  5. I love these photos sooooo much... can't even pick a fave!!!!!! seriously! so beautiful! they are going to love them!


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