Thursday, July 8, 2010

maren + fred {portrait}

There is something beautiful about a girl and her horse. The lovely girl in these pictures is my cousin, Maren; the horse is her beloved Fred. A few nights ago, I went with Maren to the barn where Fred lives to get some photos of her doing what she loves and does best...caring for her horse. Fred was quite seriously ill over the last couple years, but Maren stuck by him, persisted and nursed him; she drove to the barn multiple times a day for dressing changes, injections, appointments...not to mention the everyday basic care...all for the love of Fred. 
Maren - you are a young woman of passion and determination. Fred is a blessed horse to have you as his own; and, even though the stinker wasn't in the mood to model for these pictures, I know he loves you. I do too.


  1. These pics are incredible also, can't get enough, Megan....I am so glad that you are doing this!
    -Kari LPN

  2. fdhfljasd
    enough said.
    i love them all. mare you're way toooo gorgeous!

  3. i have the most beautiful sister!! love the black and white ones.. great lighting in all the photos too!.. and.. is that lola i see? back from the dead?!?

  4. looooooove all of them! Maren you are beeeeautiful!

  5. ...Oh my ......thanks Megan for taking these!
    ...oUR DEar DAUgTher....we love you!...& Fred...
    these are special nice to see himLOOK like he is behaving a bit!...note ears!
    So Thankful we have these pictures!...going to get them developed!...or whatever its called nowadays!

  6. ...I'm just sayin...NICE JOB MEGS!!! the light!

  7. I REALLY like these. Maren, your horse is beautiful and so are you!

  8. Megan what wonderful photos of Maren and Fred. They are fabulous. Maren you are so beautiful.

  9. beautiful Meagan -- of course Maren is a beautiful subject to photo!!!!

  10. beautiful pictures of the girl with her horse
    Maren you are beautiful


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