Tuesday, October 5, 2010

cliff + faith + family {extended family}

Extended family sessions can always be a bit intimidating: more people, more relationships and dynamics. It's not just a challenge to get everybody to look at the camera; it's also the desire to capture as much many moments as you can within a group of people that are all connected so closely.
I met up with this family this past weekend for a session at Ellwood Park. The fall colors were starting to pop, the rain held back, and we even got the men in this family to smile...a few times :)  What is it with boys getting their picture taken, heh? I know you guys secretly enjoyed yourselves.
To the family ~ it was great meeting you all and spending some time with you! I love doing sessions with new people and discovering all the connections we have...perks of a small town :)


  1. oh my what a beautiful group...such sweet pics of the dad & daughter...handsome boys & men ...gorgeous females!..and the grandpa looking @ the gramma...my fav


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