Monday, October 18, 2010

jace + andrea {engagement}

 When Andrea and I met at Starbucks a couple weeks ago for our initial engagement/wedding consulation, I was totally surprised to realize I actually knew this girl...we went to bible school together over 10 years ago...small world...again. Enough about me :)
This session felt like an afternoon with friends. That's how great this couple was to work with. Their love for each other is completely obvious as you spend time with them; their affection is natural, and their laughter and smiles coming easily and often.  They are lovely.
I was treated to the story of how they met and fell in retreat...slurpees... tandem bike ride and a beautifully set proposal. A total recipe for success :)
Jace + Andrea - I genuinely enjoyed your company and taking these excited for your wedding!!!!


  1. ...oh my AADORABLE...great location the "dip" one!

  2. These are gorgeous, Meg! You've shot this location a couple it the train bridge in mission?
    love the leaf colors!


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