Sunday, July 24, 2011

emily + thomas {wedding....again}

Isn't she the loveliest bride you've ever seen? Because I'm pretty sure she is. The fact that she is my precious baby sister has nothing to do with it...honestly. The girl just glowed. She is a natural beauty, but her husband Thomas sends her off into the land of the stunning.  I love these much. I love who they are as individuals and I love them as a couple.
Did I mention this is their second wedding? Both times to each other, so it's obviously meant to be. Thomas is from Belgium and the two met 3.5 years ago while Em was travelling with her BFF, Danica. It wasn't love at first sight, but through the magic of skype, facebook and several across the world journeys, they fell in love.
I was so lucky to witness Thomas proposing to Emily at Vancouver International airport last year and subsequently marry her in a small, intimate ceremony a few days later . You can see pictures from that first lovely day, here. A year later, Thomas is an official resident of Canada, and it was time to do the BIG wedding.
There were so many small, special details at this wedding. I had the honor of being Em's matron of honor, so these photos are snippets I managed to catch from before the wedding, and a number that Steve + I took after the ceremony and at the reception. Em's other bridesmaid, Ashley, of SNAP Photography also took some pictures with me prior to the ceremony...Ash, it was so great to work/ play with you again! It was also great to meet and chat with Courtney from Courtney Clarke Photography. So excited to see some of your images!
Without further chit-chat....Em and Thomas' big day....again.

{lovely breakfast buffet hosted by maid of honor, Danica's, mom}

{the lovely Antonia, from Fish Hair Salon made Em look gorgeous despite being 9 months preggo!}

{the lovely lady helping Em get dressed is our precious mama, Ruth}

{lovely little flower own two babies, Halle + Maya}

{above: Thomas and his sister Isabelle...fresh from Belgium}
{below: the lovely Ashley, and Thomas waiting to see his bride}

{first ...or second? look}

{we hit up Oak Bay Avenue for a quick round of photos before the ceremony}

{the lovely bouquet...created by my Aunt Colleen and Uncle Bob of Vintage Home}
{Believe it or not, Em spent only $30 on flowers...the rest were wild and gathered up by my talented Aunt + Uncle}

{the ceremony...Steve was on the piano and with our kids, so not too many snaps were taken here}

{family and friends}

{ the cute little vested boy, is my nephew Rupert...pictured below with my bro + SIL}

{and yes, this is me...I did NOT so much want my photo taken, but here I am at 6 months preggers}

{the wedding party...the only shot Steve got, because our youngest (below) quite obviously needed her nap}

{the decor...Em's visions, and with the help of family and friends...especially Bob + Colleen become this lovely setting for a reception}

{the speeches were bi-lingual...and all so, very touching}

{candy bar....the reason my children danced until 10pm}

{ I love this next collage of Steve's reception images}

{Em + Thomas...your day was wonderful...dare I say, perfect?}
{Thank you for the honor of standing up on your behalf, and still letting me play with my camera}
{ I love you both } 


  1. I love the wedding theme! You did an amazing job of capturing the feel of it all, the colours looked great! Fantastic!

  2. Megan! You did again - beautiful images of a beautiful day! I'm so happy to see all the creative shots you managed to sneak in with all the busyness of the day, they are perfectly captured. Love every.single.image.


  3. Great pictures, and a very beautiful wedding...

  4. aw so much beautifulness I can't quite figure out what to say! it was beautiful and you captured it wonderfully! ps... I think Rupe in his viking hat looks like the "drunk guy" at weddings you find talking to himself in the mirror....

  5. totally, completely stunning. Thank you for sharing this very special day with us!

  6. Oh my goodness! I have not checked this blog for too long. And I found it again! What lovely pictures! And you are pregnant!! CONGRATULATIONS - again! Oh my goodness! Lot's! of! Exclamation! Marks!

  7. Amazing photos, Megan! Emily was simply radiant... I couldn't be happier for her and Thomas!

    P.S. Congratulations on baby no. 3! :)

  8. LOVE the decor and Em's style! And how cute is your baby bump?!?
    Hey Megs - can I have an invite to your other blog? Only if you're comfortable! :)

  9. Amazing pics! Your sis is a stunner and you are looking radiant all cute and growing! I love the picture of the wedding party in front of the church and your daughter having a meltdown - even then she is cute! Love all the fun colors in the pictures. Your sis has great style.
    Can I also have an invite to your other blog? I miss reading it :( We have a friend in common - Kelly E.


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