Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aryn + Domenik {minter gardens wedding}

It is crazy to me that it is almost a year ago since I first met this couple. I saw them walking down the main strip in White Rock, BC (where we shot their engagement session) and thought, "I hope this is them!!!"I'm usually identifiable by the big camera around my neck, but it's always exciting to lay eyes on one of my couples for the first time. Domenik and Aryn were adorable from first glance. They are gorgeous...high school sweethearts...and so very much in love.

Their wedding day took place in July at Minter Gardens in Rosedale, BC. It was our first time at this location and it was truly beautiful. My favourite part? The wall of water at the lower part of the gardens...such a cool back drop!  Before I share those photos with you, we'll start at the beginning: getting ready...

{I so much enjoy getting ready's so fun to be a fly on the wall and watch the chaos and transformation unfold in front of you}

{I love these accessory shots that Steve got while I was inside with girls}

{the beautiful Aryn...gorgeous before she's even finished}

{oohs and ahhs from a couple of Aryn's four sisters}

{how the boys get ready}

{the first time Domenik lay eyes on Aryn, was as she walked down the aisle}

{that wall of water I mentioned at the beginning? are some shots from inside}

{the crinkles in Aryn's nose below... I LOVE them}

{this cute little chapel is actually a fake (it's only the one wall), but another great vignette}

{this last shot is one of Steve's taken right before the's one of my favourites of the day}

{and the reception....}

{candy bars seem to be a hit with guests of all ages... each member of the wedding party was represented by their favorite candy}

{I know it was a wedding, but I saw these baby blue eyes below and lost focus for a minute}

Aryn + Domenik ~ the two of you put on a fantastic day. You are so apparently loved and treasured by your friends and family...this day really felt like a celebration of you and your love. Thank you again for letting us share and capture your day...hope you enjoy your photos :)


  1. yes, that waterfall....WOW. gorgeous, Megan!

  2. Seriously great photos - the bride looks beautiful and so good to see her bridesmaids dresses were also lovely. I have goosebumps. Brilliant. X

  3. megan, you and steve did an OUTSTANDING job, this blog post made me cry! The photos are AMAZING they bring back all of the amazing memories from this day. Thank you for making us look so good!
    <3 - Kali (bridesmaid)

  4. was going to comment on my favorites...but then they started to add up to too many!...Great job you the rings on the branch & the couple leaning on the rail fence & him holding her dress as they how he held her hand up high as the left the church! cute!...well there you go!


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