Tuesday, October 18, 2011

jeff + ashley {langley wedding photography}

I couldn't be happier to share this wedding post with you! Jeff and Ashley celebrated their wedding day last month on the brink of fall. It was a wonderful way for Steve and I to close the wedding season of 2011. I first met Jeff and Ashley in the spring when we met up in Pt. Roberts for their engagement session.  Fast forward several months and this cute couple...the successful product of a blind date...are getting ready to tie the knot.
The days' events  started at Ashley's family home in Langley, BC. Ashley is the oldest of three girls, so the house was full of women, food, make-up and beauty supplies. Ashley's dad hung out with the practiced ease of a man used to being in the midst of the feminine chaos. I think he even dispensed some advice to Steve on life with three daughters :)

{I must give credit to amazing hair and makeup artist, Shelley Baxter. This woman has mad talent...I was absolutely mesmerized watching her work}

{so cute in their pinned up curls...not the finished product, but I think they pull it off}

{I loved Ashley's dress...complete with pockets...I think every bride should have pockets!!!}

{Ashley's mom was such a pleasure to observe...she literally beamed with happiness for her baby girl all day}

{meanwhile, across town, Jeff was waiting to see his bride for the first time...}

{the first look from my perspective, above...and below was Steve's view}

{we needed the ring on to make these pre-wedding shots legit!}

{such a fun...not to mention, attractive, wedding party!}

{jump shots...they seem to be a favourite with most wedding parties}

{steve captured these two photos below...both so beautiful}

{after our portait session, it was on to the ceremony at Willoughby CRC in Langley.
Ashley's dad prayed before it was time to head down the aisle...such a great moment to be a part of}

{after the ceremony, we had a brief period before the reception to get some photos with just the bride + groom.  Ashley had spotted a gorgeous area along her commute to work. It was just perfect with the sun low in the sky}

{jeff + ashley's reception was in Delta...it was such a funny, warm, family + friend filled affair}

{jeff + ashley ~ it was such an honor to be able to spend your wedding day with you!}

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  1. so beautiful...cool his suit was lighter than the attendants...beautiful wedding dress!


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