Saturday, October 15, 2011

megan {victoria maternity photography} very own maternity post. I must first share two dislikes. Number one...I used to like getting my picture taken...I really don't anymore...especially at my current girth. Number two...I don't do pregnancy well;  I get sick, I get big and uncomfortable, my feet are swollen, my skin is sensitive...I don't glow. That said, when my husband encouraged me to do some maternity photos in August/September, I couldn't really say no. If we (and certain surgical procedures) have any say in the matter, this will be the last time I experience growing another human being. Even though it packs a pile of unpleasant side effects, it truly is an amazing thing. Steve was fantastic and took some truly beautiful shots of me and baby girl. He bought me a pretty dress. He was patient when I groaned, and stopped often on our walk through downtown Victoria so I could pee, get a drink or simply catch my breath.
The first time I found out this baby was a girl (she will be our 3rd), I started smiling, crying and giggling. Ask my husband...he heard me from the waiting room. It knocked a bit more reality into the pregnancy and a bit more definition into who this babe might become.
We have a calendar in our house. It's full of X's, big and small, as our two little girls countdown to "baby sister's" arrival. We have 8 more days to cross off now...
My hope is that these photos will one day be a memory for this little one. That though she is our third, her first nine months were treasured, documented and full of anticipation. We eagerly await her arrival and love her so very much already....

{cute shoes make any pregnant gal feel better}

{most of these shots were taken in downtown Victoria, my home town!}

{my sister had some wedding photos taken here this summer and I loved it...and I actually took some more maternity shots of my bro and SIL here just last week...babies everywhere!}

{this location is my favourite...Beacon Hill Park in the golden hour at the end of summer}

{me and the baby daddy...and photographer ! Thanks so much for doing these Babe!}


  1. Gorgeous, as always! Nice work Steve! And Megan, you are absolutely glowing! Mind you, you are always beautiful and glowing,even when you're not pregnant! Well, except maybe when you're running...but then NOBODY glows when they are running. Love you guys!

  2. Beautiful Megan, just Beautiful!!! Can't wait to "meet" your new Baby Girl!!!

  3. beautiful as always- so Happy for you & Steve and the Girls! love doris

  4. UM STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. so gorgeous. seriously. my life. xoxo

  5. Oh WOW! You are gorgeous! These photos are amazing and I'm glad you sweet hubby was insisting you take them. You (and your #3 daughter) will be very glad you did! Excited to hear the news of your new baby's arrival. Blessings, Niki

  6. Oh Megan you are a gorgeous gorgeous lady. Big congratulations and best of luck with the birth!! X

  7. gogeous! and only one week left!! that's the good thing, right ;)
    and you know what an african proverb says?:
    when pregnant with a girl the mother doesn't necessarily glow, because the girl in her tummy steals her beauty...:) carying girls i know that this is sometimes frustrating, but so true as well!
    can't wait for the little beauty to arrive!

    and another random note: i can't believe you have those shoes. they are sold out for months here in germany! a bit jealous, i must be :)

    all the best for the upcoming week!

  8. Hi megan!!!! I have loved to see these pictures and have felt all warm inside to see you pregnant and beautiful! can't believe that we have never seen each other pregnant in person.... or met each other's children! I would like to disagree with your post and say that I do think you glow in these pictures. I hope to someday meet your beautiful girls and maybe you can meet mine. Bless you as you prepare to become a family of 5 and hi to Steve!!!
    Much love, Christy Epp
    PS- I agree about the shoe thing and they were very cute shoes!

  9. You look amazing! And enjoy the new babe...I am a little sad my smallest is almost 2. Love seeing how beautiful you look and who says you don't glow?
    Blessing to you all.

  10. Beautiful Megan! Thanks for sharing:) Can't wait to see your new little lady when she arrives!

  11. YOU ARE SUCH A STUNNER! Stop with the "I don't glow" ... you RADIATE! Beautiful pictures.

  12. LOVELY pictures Megan.. you look stunning! Are you not doing SBASC anymore? Miss the updates.... all the best in the final countdown!!!!

  13. So beautiful! I love all them... and of course a cute pair of shoes would definitely make a pregnant women even happier! All the best with babe #3! Oh and yes, I would love it too if your blog was back up!

  14. beautiful!!!!!!!! oh my goodness, love the all!

  15. Unbelievable! Stunning pictures! You look fantastic! Love the dress - your man did a good job. You make pregnancy look amazing!


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