Tuesday, January 17, 2012

snow falls... {personal}

We had a snow day today. Beautiful white flakes fell on and off all day, and we had nothing on the agenda, except to enjoy it.  My little gals were 'through the roof' excited...they went to bed last night with fresh snowflakes on their tongues already anticipating what tomorrow would hold.  Mostly they played...attempted a snowman...made snow angels...threw snowballs...got cold and wet. They let me take a few photos of the fun and I rewarded them with hot chocolate and whipped cream!

{daddy and the big girls}

{baby sister hung out in the vintage pram...couldn't resist}

{my lovelies}

{a few timer family shots...}

{and then it was time to go inside...which is just that much cozier when there is snow outside}


  1. Baby A's eyes are SO absolutely precious! Jealous of your snow, but glad you got to enjoy it!!

  2. That first picture is AMAZING, Megan! Anna is smiling!! Man, your girls are cute!

  3. so... i really enjoyed this.....
    just so you know.....

  4. I was thinking of you today, you literally just crossed my mind. (The first aid room, a long time ago W2 hahaha) It's just perfect that you have added some fresh new photos of your family. I love to see you all, looking well and very happy. Laura Molnar

  5. Oh man! I wish the girls were here! the snow would come up to My's belly button!

  6. Ah... so great!! We miss your family incredibly!

  7. so precious. love them all. Anna is so beautiful already!


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