Tuesday, January 24, 2012

three months old... {personal}

{and oh, so loved}

{I can hardly believe that one quarter of her first year is already past}

{she flashes us the best smiles all day long...except between 7 and 9pm...then she's a beast}

{I think Halle is her favourite person these days...don't tell Maya...she's just a tad too aggressive}

{and, I must brag on my own baby sis, who made each of the girls their own dolly for Christmas}
{Yay Auntie Em!!! You're amazing!!!}

{that's it for now...more real sessions coming...stay tuned!}


  1. I don't believe you that she's a beast. Nope. Way too cute to be anything but a little angel :)

  2. Seriously cute, lady! You guys make some pretty adorable children!

  3. It is not that she is a beast, it is rather known as "witching hour".

  4. oh my gosh could your kids get any cuter?! sooooo cuuuuute!! And they always have the best outfits! :) hope you guys are well!

  5. beautiful as always. You have an incredible way of really capturing your girls and the sweet moments they share.


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