Thursday, May 17, 2012

jordan + elizabeth {maple ridge engagement photography}

Last weekend was a whirlwind for Steve and I . We had three sessions and a wedding in a 48 hour span. Lots of fun, but at a crazy pace :) Jordan and Elizabeth's session was a restful treat after a busy day of travelling and shooting around the lower mainland. These two high school sweethearts chose Cliff Park in Maple Ridge as the location for their session. This was the place they had "the talk."You know, that awkward conversation at the beginning of a relationship where you confess your like for one another. It was a beautiful evening... warm enough to have bare arms, with the sun at the perfect place in the sky. Jordan proposed to Elizabeth on the top of Mt.Cheam, and the great outdoors continues to be a part of their relationship. It was great to hang out with them in their element :)
I must add too, that the hand carved wood sign in this post was made by unique!

{Jordan + Elizabeth ~ thanks for such a great evening...can't wait to share your big day with you guys!}

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  1. Bethany SomervilleMay 18, 2012 at 11:02 AM

    This post is so special! Probly because I love these two! Beautiful. :)


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