Monday, May 7, 2012

may evenings {personal}

{oh how i love this time of year}
{the chilly newness of spring is wearing off, and you can sense the promise of summer }
{not too hot, not too cold...just brilliant}

{one of the best things about May is the longer evenings}
{instead of keeping the kiddos busy inside until bedtime, we can all flock outside to enjoy the days' final hours}

{i am a sock-hating, barefoot, happiest when my toes are in the grass, kind of girl}
{my girlies are quickly following in my footsteps}

{is it possible that my kids just keep getting cuter?}

{latest photography purchase? a step ladder...the girls are in love with the new toy}

{belly kisses}

{momma pedicure: when you manage to get one - two coats on your own nails while simultaneously painting a rainbow of pinks on forty little fingers and toes. best accentuated by a couple chips and smudges. see example below}

{hope you're enjoying your may evenings as much as i am}


  1. love them! such cute photos. love how pictures capture their little personalities! and yes, cuter and cuter! yay for warm evenings!

  2. These are amazing!!


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