Tuesday, May 14, 2013

.marty + shannon. historic stewart farmhouse family photography

Returning clients are always an honor. I love seeing families and couples come back; to see how they have changed and grown. I also love that it gives me the privilege of continuing to document their story. Marty + Shannon did just that! It was 2.5 years ago that I had my first session with this couple and their sweet twins, and forgive me for sounding like a grandma, but my oh my, have they grown!!!
Though the weather was a bit sketchy earlier in the day, the clouds cleared and the sky lent itself to perfect photography lighting. It was also our first time to the Historic Stewart Farm in South Surrey...so gorgeous! Steve was with me for this session, and did a great job making silly faces behind my head and getting the kiddos smiley :) Thanks for a great afternoon...hope we see you soon!

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