Tuesday, August 13, 2013

.scott + carolyn. victoria engagement photography

....The one that ended with me and my clients in the back of a police car. Yep, that is this VERY engagement session. Let's backtrack a bit though:
Scott + Carolyn love their cat...a lot. They love the beach, and their flip flops. He loves to tease her, and she curls so perfectly into him when she is feeling shy and embarassed.  It's quite fabulous to watch and photograph. I met with these two a few months back at Starbucks to discuss their Starling Lane Winery wedding this coming September. I loved chatting with them and was definitely convinced I had scored myself an awesome pair of clients. Little did I know, in a few short weeks, they would become even more awesome in my sight: superhero crimestoppers that I got to chase bad guys with :)
We planned their engagement session to start at a small beach that was just a stone's throw from their adorable Victoria home. We proceeded through the first 15  minutes without event, but as we went to leave, we discovered my camera bag was missing. You know...my bag with $4000 worth of equipment, my iphone, Scott's iphone, wallet and keys...yah, THAT bag. At this point I must mention, I had the camera on my body. The newspaper reported that the police later recovered irreplacable wedding and engagement images. NOT TRUE. Our cameras and any memory cards are on our person at all times. at all shoots/weddings. PERIOD.  But, I was out some pretty expensive equipment and my clients' belongings as well.
Scott is a bit like my Steve, in that he has technical knowledge beyond the average Joe (aka...me). He quickly ran to their home and grabbed Carolyn's iphone and we gathered in their car to trace our missing belongings via Scott's "find my iphone" app! Let me tell you my friends, as we drove through downtown Victoria, met up with police at the location where our belongings were tracked to...I felt like I was living some unknown dream I had of being a cop. It was terribly scary and exciting all at the same time. The stuff was tracked to Bastion square, where Scott sounded the alarm on his phone in between buskers shows, and we caught the theives! We recovered everything except for a couple rechargable batteries. They even hung on to my business cards...?!??
I could go on...but it comes down to this. I am so thrilled to have Scott and Carolyn as my clients, and though it's not how I tend to bond with my clients, our sleuthing adventures will go down in my career history.
So now, redirect your attention to the images of this wonderful couple. (from both part one AND two of their enagement session)


  1. Gorgeous photos. You are the Queen of 10,000 different photos:)
    That story is incredible!! I would've FREAKED out. So glad everything turned out okay. Good reminder to keep gear so close/on you!!

  2. gorgeous pictures, WILD story/adventure! Agreed with Louise...you are the queen of 10,000 diff photos ;)

  3. I love the ones where they are sitting on the stairwell with their feet dangling, so awesome! And so glad you busted the thieves!!!!


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