Wednesday, October 23, 2013

.derek + irina. meadow gardens wedding photography

First a disclaimer: the flare in the picture above…real. Steve has such a knack for getting it, and this is my favourite yet. Now, onto more important things. This is the wedding post of our lovely friends, Derek + Irina! Though we only met last year, these two have truly become friends :) It was so great, and really quite hilarious to hear their love story relayed at the speeches during their reception. There is  a great discrepancy about when their relationship "actually" began (sorry Irina, but I tend to be sympathetic to Derek's version), but there is NO discrepancy about the love they share now. They are a magnetic couple that has surrounded themselves with amazing people, and their wedding day was a delight for both Steve and I. One special note: I met Irina for the first time at Mat + Leigh-Ann's (boy, did we get ourselves into a great group of clients!) wedding last August. We were excited to catch up with one of our "old" couples at this wedding, but, unfortunately they didn't make it....they had a baby boy instead!!!It was so neat to photograph Irina's reaction to seeing the new babe for the first time as phone pics rolled in at the reception! An anniversary and a birthday all in one day :) 

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