Sunday, November 3, 2013

.anna turns two.

I just made the mistake of taking a peek back at Anna's first birthday post. Fresh tears are in my eyes and I realize how far away those days seem already...and how quickly this current post will become past. This last year our baby has grown into a little girl. She is a delight, and remains as I described her last year...a JOY for our family. She is in a stage where she loves to be with me, and on my person...a lot. And I really love it. She rubs her nose with mine and gives me full throttle hugs and kisses. She mooches my porridge every morning after eating two whole pieces of toast, but I don't mind...she's my baby. She is in full blown two year old land, displaying her dislike of something by throwing her self on the ground, screaming and giving the occasional swat to whoever offended her. She is starting to speak in phrases and sentences, "Mommy, where are you?" is a favourite. She still loves her nukie (soother)...we'll give her another year ;) She loves her daddy. She squeals everyday when he comes home from work, and then hugs both his legs before reaching to plaster his face with open mouth kisses. She counts to 5...usually not in the right order. She still takes one long afternoon nap with a bottle of milk each day (Thank you Lord!). She loves walking outside, and hates to picked up while on an adventure. Halloween saw her dragging her bag of candy on the sidewalk, as I was not allowed to touch the bag or assist her. She loves her sisters, grandparents, aunties and cousins...full body excitement when she sees any of them after a period of time. She is just the sweetest, yummiest, most precious bundle of little girl. We are smitten with her.
Happy Birthday to our darling Anna Grace!

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