Thursday, November 7, 2013

.jamie + lindsay. harrison river engagement photography

So much awesomeness all in one session. It shouldn't be allowed...but I let it slide...this time. Jamie + Lindsay are a photographer's dream. They are fabulous in front of a camera: easy going with a sweet chemistry, flirty, funny, not to mention good looking!  But that isn't where all the dreaminess comes from! What was such a delight for me, was the way these two invested in their session. Together they scouted out the perfect location and stumbled upon this gem...amazing! They took into account their personalities, and favourite things...they knew what they wanted and they planned for it. And it paid off.
I am so happy with this session. I am happy that the weather and setting were just right. I am happy with this awesome couple that I got to know.  I am happy that I got to hear a bit of their love story and know that I will watch their dreams come to fruition next summer at their Fraser Lodge wedding.
And I am happy I get to share some of my most favourite engagement images thus far.





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  1. What beautiful photos, such a happy couple, so much smiling and laughing, naturals!!!! I love all the locations too, fall leaves, the water, the trees and mountains, just beautiful!


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