Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a year of anna...

I could write a book about this sweet baby of mine. This time last year, I was snuggling the three hour old bundle of fresh, teeny, preciousness. A little girl we had not planned for, but she was meant just for us...and a life without her is something I can't even imagine. I was chatting with family on the weekend about this past year, and raising baby number three. I was feeling a little sad, and emotional about her impending birthday, and knowing that she is my last baby. The difference with Anna, is that I finally seemed to get it with her. Not that there wasn't tired days, or small frustrations, but the overall feeling that marks her first year is JOY. All the unknowns and hesitancies as a first and even second time parent seemed to disappear. My schedule was loosened, my mind more relaxed, and my loved. Instead of worrying about timing, and feedings and all the details, I was free to enjoy...and I SO enjoyed this year. The reason this post wasn't written last night, is because my birthday gal woke up at 9:30pm crying and sick...and I got to snuggle her to sleep. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been able to do that in the last 6 months (little miss likes her bed only), and though I hated that she was sick, I loved being able to snuggle her little sleeping body that is usually non-stop on the move. A little gift for this mama.
Here is a peek back at our year getting to know this precious little girl that completes our family so perfectly. Happy Birthday, my sweet Anna Grace....I love you so....

{her one year portraits pics to follow sometime soon}


  1. kill me right now. i love this little lady! my baby anna!!
    happy birthday little girl... happy i got to spend 15 minutes with you on your 1st birthday before you lost it and went to sleep :)
    love you baaaaby
    auntie em

  2. SWEEEEEEET.... What a beautiful photo tribute to your sweet baby =) [I'm Louise's friend--you did my sister in law's wedding last March. =)]

  3. (love the look in the last photo. Like, whew, all that photo taking is HARD WORK, momma. Enough already)


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