Thursday, October 11, 2012

matthew + heather {harrison lake wedding photography}

It really is an interesting position to be in; photographing the wedding of people you hardly know. That said, usually by the end of the day, I feel like I have a sense of people. The statement is a bit naive, I know, and I'm sure my assumptions aren't always correct, but there is something about sharing so intimately in a "milestone" day. The barriers are lower, the circumstances not typical, and emotions are cruising.
So here's my take on Matthew and Heather. They are good can often see this in the people that surround them - the friends that they have chosen and the families that have raised them. They are also mad about each other...big time. There is a major chemistry between these two, the kind where the rest of the world seems to disappear when they look at each other. It is so awesome to see such genuine excitement between a couple. They will laugh often. Coming from large families on both sides, with small children everywhere , there are so many dynamics, inside jokes and just so much love. I often get caught up in the speeches at receptions (yes, I still take pictures), I love hearing the stories, the tributes, and such heart felt sentiments. This reception was full of all...further evidence of this couple's faith, love, past and future...
{the arbour that Heather's gown is hung upon, is also the arbour where the couple said their vows...handmade by Matt}

{the beautiful Heather got ready at her family home, South Garden Bed & Breakfast in Harrison}

{lovely bridesmaids in red}

{Meanwhile, Steve was with Matthew and his guys getting ready at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort}

{we started portraits at a beautiful garden of family friends}


{remember the chemistry I mentioned? these two need hardly any prompting for great photos}

{with lots of portrait time scheduled (such a smart couple!!!) we also managed to get down to Harrison can't quite capture the color of the water, but it still looks gorgeous!}


{when I asked if we could take photos in the following location, Heather laughed and referred to it as their "parking lot"...oh, to have such a stunning place to park}

{after portraits, it was back to the B+B for the ceremony}


{steve basically scaled a mountain to get this next shot...such an awesome partner I have}

{following the ceremony, it was off to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort for the reception}

{no better way to end a great day, then with a group wide macarena-fest!}

Matt + Heather ~ Thank you for having us as part of your day. It was so great to get to know you and your awesome friends and family. Blessings as you begin your marriage!

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  1. Megan - these are great! Such a beautiful place!
    Heather's parents are friends of MY parents and they are often visiting there - small world!


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