Tuesday, October 16, 2012

john + christie {mission family photography}

Oh, this family.  There is quite a story behind this session, and these pictures have been a long time coming, but I finally get to share them with you. If you recognize these lovely folks, it's because they were in the wedding party of Mat + Leigh-Ann (a few posts back on the blog). We've gotten to know John + Christie a little bit over the summer, and have so enjoyed spending time with them. Christie and I hit it off immediately, and got right into mommy chat...you know, the kind of conversation that just keeps going and going, only to be interrupted by a toddler running off, or a baby needing to eat.  John and Steve just ambled slowly behind us, stopping when it was time to get a few snaps in.
To the fabulous family of four ~ Thanks for being so wonderful to work with! We truly look forward to doing this regularly over the years...and hopefully a few visits in between.

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