Monday, June 9, 2014

.levi + jordana. rocky point park wedding photography

I have been in this bride's home many a time, so, when Steve and I arrived on the morning of her wedding, we were welcomed with warm hugs, lots of catching up chats, and lunch made by her sweet grandma. We attended the same church as Jordana's family for almost ten years and even had her and her siblings as our youth for several years. I have watched (more recently from afar) Jordana grow from a timid pre-teen girl into a beautiful, determined, gentle and thoughtful young woman. And now, she is in love with Levi. It was so neat to hear the story of how these two met at Briercrest a few years their friendship turned into romance, and all the adventures they have had thus far.  On their wedding day, they were surrounded by a community of close friends and loving family, all celebrating them and the fact that God had brought them together. I must admit, I shed a few tears throughout the day...
Jordana + Levi- It was with joy and pride that Steve and I photographed your wedding. It was so awesome to spend this time with you: to hang out with the "girls" and your family again; and also to get to know your man a bit! We are so happy for you and Levi, and so proud of the young woman that you have grown into! 


  1. Congratulations Jordana, this is a gorgeous wedding! And Megan, photos are beautiful as always.


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